• Planning and Organizing Projects

Prodigal Sid helps a company for project management, from planning to run it till end. Prepare plans for all operations required to complete the task, it includes management planning, staffing, IT support etc. Prodigal Sid provides complete package to run projects successfully anywhere in UK and we make sure projects are completed in time frame.
Our project management planning describes roles of each personnel, participants or sector because it develops crucial understanding ‘How project will proceed’ and it includes the potential evolution of each role throughout the project’s proposed time frame.
Every project needs a roadmap with clearly defined goals that should not change after the first phase of the project has been completed. All stakeholders benefiting from the outcome of the project should be named and their needs stated. That is why Prodigal Sid makes sure our proposed Project management plans covers following:

  • Our prepared projects plans develop a list of all deliverables; make sure all project team members are familiar with this list.
  • We outline set of documentation required for project planning that clearly outlines all project milestones and activities required to complete the project, taking into account project team members’ productivity, availability and efficiency.
  • Forecast the budget required for the project.
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of each of the individuals and/or organizations involved in the project.
  • Set progress reporting guidelines – monthly, weekly or daily reports to monitor the progress.
  • Identify the risks involved in your project and discuss alternatives if new requirements will be added to your project or members of your team will not meet the deadlines.

The deliverables from Prodigal Sid are:

  • Project business case and Initiation Documents.
  • Project quality and communications plan.
  • Project issues log and risks log.
  • Project progress reports and closure documents.