Management Plans

Management planning is to understand ‘How to manage your resources’ to achieve your desire goal and objectives. Prodigal Sid develops custom tailored individual strategic management plans for each of their clients, according to their need and situation. Management plans is a vital tools that helps management in its attempts to cope with the current situation and use all resources they have to run the business successfully. We make sure that our proposed management plan fulfils following for our customers.

  • Our proposed management plans meet the stated goals of the organisation.
  • The results achieved have the potential to serve as a model.
  • Mainly the results achieved benefits the organizations and help it to grow further.

The deliverables from Prodigal Sid are:

  • Review report setting out existing management style
  • Management design and implementation plan
  • Rationalised reporting pack and reporting system
  • Report commission and reconciliation procedures
  • System enhancement and system training