Human Resource Management

Customers are the usual source of income for an organization so the organisation needs to manage customers. Prodigal Sid prepare customer relation management plans and proposed it implementation for companies which help them to improve their customer relationship. Organisations need to know ‘what exactly do their customers want and need?’, ‘which products or customers have most growth?’, which products or customers are most or least profitable?’ and ‘what do they need to do to be able to produce and deliver it to their customers?’

Prodigal Sid prepares a model for managing organisation’s interactions with current and future customers. The model will determine mutually satisfying goals between organization and customers, establish and maintain customer rapport, and produce positive feelings in the organization and the customers.

The deliverables from Prodigal Sid are:

  • Prepare customer survey and Analysis
  • Conduct customer survey
  • Detailed report of the survey and recommendations
  • Highlights competencies required for an effective customer relationship
  • Prepare plans to remove competencies and improve customer relationship
  • Provide training to equipped employees on customer relationship model